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July 2023 | Litter

Four of the most precious blessings!

Born in mid-July, 2023 - Ellie welcome her first litter into the world. Our "A" litter included three females, Agnus, Apple, and Audrey, and one male, Ace. These siblings arrived throughout the night as our family took turns staying up with Ellie to assist her. From first birth, her maternal instincts kicked into high gear as she tended to each of her little babies.

They stayed inside our home for the first six weeks in a welping box where we could enjoy them, keep them safe, and help Ellie when needed. Each puppy was healthy and grew close to 2 lbs per week during their time with us. As they grew, we loved taking them on walks around our farm as they enjoyed the the sounds of other animals, the grass under their feet, and the warmth of the sun.

At the nine week mark, they met their forever families and left our farm. There were lots of smiles and tears as they charted their new path. We loved every day they stayed with us and were fortunate to find amazing people to care for them in the years ahead.


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