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Rooted Branch Family

"The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection

of human beings."
-Masanobu Fukuoka-



Amy is our farm's inspiration and tactician.  She brings out the best in all of us while overseeing the numerous day-to-day chores that allow Rooted Branch to thrive.  Her ability to eat anything and remain thin is rivaled only by our goats.


Captain Calamity


Landon makes sure our farm has someone to fall through floor joists, ram the work truck with a tractor, and sailor-curse PTO attachments.  Known as "Sparky" by his father-in-law, we count on him to break things.

Rooted Branch  Head Shots (1).png

Dog Boarding Lead


  Lilly oversees our dog boarding program at our farm.  She is a natural leader and brings strength to our organization.  Lilly is also a master of the headlock and keeps the other employees on the straight and narrow.

Boy fishing


Owen is our primary laborer and does 99% of the work at Rooted Branch.  His ability to complete tasks bare foot and his disdain for showering add to his lore.  Just as important is his love for serving others and his unselfish spirit.


Equestrian Lead


Kinley brings joy and excitement to every thing she touches.  We often find her cantering through fields. She oversees our emerging horse program which soon will include lessons and trail riding.   

Rooted Branch  Head Shots (3).png

Angus Cow Director


Graham is introspective and shares an innate connection with cows.  Most evenings commence with the sound of Graham calling our cows for their dinner feeding.


Egg Collection


Sawyer is driven, organized, and courageous.  He leads our egg program and  often can be found walking to and from our nesting boxes with our hens' daily contribution.  He once fought a rooster named Hay-Hay with a stick.


Future CEO

Wade is our farm's greenhorn.  He brings a loving spirit and kindness to Rooted Branch.  His life motto is "I want to do it" which will serve him well on the Homstead.

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